Paper Mill Projects

ItemPulpingModelContinuos Pulping / HD Pulping / Broke Pulping


Puling is applied for various kinds of raw materials

Continuos Pulping

is continuously operated in combination with pertinent equipment and is used for producing  brown grade paper such as corrugated medium paper, fluting and test liner.
This pulping system is consisted of

- Pulper
- Ragger
- Sec Pulper
- Screen drum
HD Pulping

is operated batchwise at high consistency, 12 ~ 18%, to detach the ink particles gently from printed waste paper using fiber to fiber friction effect.   Batch operation makes it possible to control the defibering degree and chemical dosage precisely.  

This HD Pulping is applied for producing news print and writing & printing paper and consisted of

- HD Pulper
- Sec Pulper
- Screen Drum
- Broke Pulping

Broke Pulping

Broke Pulping is used to slush web break continuously under Paper Machine and Board Machine.
- Broke Pulper - GBKP